Thursday, December 25, 2014

Good Bye Kid!!

Today 25th of December 2014 at 01.30AM WITA, I lost a puppy. She was attacked by Parvo virus. Her age barely 4 months minus 2 days. She is a mix breed of husky-kintamani, and Husky and Labrador. She was born on 27th of August 2014. Her mother's name is Sibrani, a husky-kintamani, her father's name are Hiu, a husky and Hugo, a labrador. She has 3 other siblings which 2 of 4 are already found their home, while the last one still with us.

Any regret that may occur after her gone can't bring her back to life. I just hope that her 2 other siblings (1 is her cousin's daughter) will not get the same fate as hers. And all of the dogs are healthy.

RIP dear un-named yet. Because you're gone on Christmas Day, I will name you Christmas.

May you rest in peace with your other siblings up there. Please watch me down here and wait for me to join you all after I fulfill my faith on Earth.