Monday, August 13, 2012

Hugo The Golden Labrador Retriver

I have Hugo when he was five months old. I bought him from his former owner when i saw the advert in internet. At that time I really have no idea what kind of dogs that exist in the world. I just know that i want a Golden Retriever puppy, and a five months puppy is OK. In fact when I first seeing him, I kinda shock because he's soo big at his five months. Although his behavior still a little child. 

five months Hugo first day at new house

with sister Sibrani

Hugo was born on June the second 2009. When I bought him, he already had a sister which is younger one month from him. His sister's name is Sibrani, my first mix dog (while before I only had mongrels). They come along well, although as a husky (despite its mixture bloodline) Sibrani still as attractive as husky. Hugo used to bear the bite and naughtiness of his sister. Hugo play a good side of dog while Sibrani the opposite. 

Now, Hugo already three years old. Had mated three times and have a total twenty children. lol. Although all of the kids had been adopted. A week ago, I unintentionally gave my dogs some fish, while the others are fine, Hugo got a terrible wound on his back. I first had no idea what happened to him, but when the vet checked him, he said that Hugo got allergic and asked me what he had ate. And I remembered that I gave him fish. ckckckck. 

when i first discovered that he got wounded

Before treatment, I cut the hair on top and around the wound, so I can completely healing it with the powder (nebacetin podwer, good for open wounded and had antibiotic in it) and the vet gave him some injection that will cure his wound from the inside. The vet also instructed me to gave Hugo antihistamine for Hugo to eat. It is for the wound and the itchy. I gave Hugo CTM ( a local brand) and Ponstan (pfzer brandname). 

cut cut cut the hairs and clean the wounded area with alcohol
comforting him and bring him inside the house

first treatment with nebacetin powder
on its worst
treatment on going (after got injection from the vet)

Now, a week after the treatment, his wound is almost dry though still a little bit wet in the middle, since he likes to bite it (maybe it's itchy). I haven't took it's picture (almost dry wound). So I think I will just upload what I have on my camera for now and back with some new pictures of Hugo's wound. 

treat him with bone snack
slowly but sure begin to cure and dry

From now on, I would never ever ever give my dogs fish (but maybe only to my mongrels, since my mongrels eat almost everything. lol)


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